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UNICEO events are in a “sales free” environment. To finance its activities, UNICEO relies on Partnerships with industry stakeholders. The partner policy is very strict: *[1546_4.png*] Partners do not have access to Members contact details. *They are not allowed to send Members any kind of commercial information that has not been requested. *Only senior decision makers are allowed to meet with UNICEO Members and they are not allowed to pitch their business to participants. UNICEO has strict control over which part of a meeting a Partner may attend
UNICEO organizes the following activities for its Members with the aim of offering members free access whenever possible. *[1546_4.png*]UNICEO Leaders Meeting: This is where Members meet with peers and learn from each other. Topics are proposed by Members. All Members can attend these events and when there is any travel cost involved, it must be covered by the Member or his/her company. These events are organized in venues run by UNICEO Partners or Supporters. *UNICEO regional and global events: This is where UNICEO international members meet. For Members they are the occasion to compare their expertise with that of peers in other countries and to stay on top of the latest regional/global innovations in events, increase their knowledge about new venues and meet with other industry stakeholders, also beyond UNICEO members. UNICEO arranges the event and it is financed through sponsorship and ticket sales to non-members. *Global events organized in partnership with an industry trade show: UNICEO negotiates an agreement with the trade show organizer that allows members to join at no cost. UNICEO has its own dedicated meeting agenda and education program. This format allows members to extract maximum value of their time away from their office sharing with peers, meeting all potential suppliers for their forthcoming events, attending education sessions and participating in the latest developments in their role while attending UNICEO internal meetings. *Destination Experiences: These events have several objectives: -Monthly UNICEO meeting with Board Members and Ambassadors -Evaluate destinations for a forthcoming UNICEO Congress -Help increase Members knowledge about destinations that are being considered for potential future events. These events are financed by the destination. They are not fam trips in the sense that we do not meet with venues or local suppliers and there is no sales pitch involved. The destination's interest is to succeed in hosting a UNICEO Congress. Members are fully hosted by the Destination and UNICEO. Dedicated private UNICEO meetings are arranged as a part of the destination experience.

UNICEO Liability

UNICEO will not be liable to any user for any damages resulting from attending a UNICEO event. UNICEO events are provided by third party venues or companies and UNICEO has no responsibility for the services provided. This disclaimer and limitation includes direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary damages or lost profits, and applies whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or any other legal theory, regardless of whether UNICEO is advised of the possibility of such damages.

Participation & Cancellations

Members who apply for an event and once they receive confirmation of attendance from UNICEO are confirming they will participate in the activities of the event (networking, roundtable, conference, lunch, dinner etc.) *UNICEO Leaders Meetings: Cancellations are possible up to 7 days before the event starts. Last minute cancellations and no show may result in penalties to cover the cost of participation.

*UNICEO Congress: UNICEO Congress: Members who cancel their attendance at the UNICEO Congress less than 30 days before the event starts will be subject to a penalty fee of 3 times the registration fee. Exceptions will be made for cancellations due to health or force majeure issues. Changes in company policies or changes in schedule will not be considered as force majeure situations. Participants proposing a substitute approved by UNICEO will not be subject to the penalty fee.

Privacy - Confidentiality

UNICEO ® acknowledges and respects privacy of members and applicants. The information you provide is collected for the purpose of processing registration only. Data remains confidential at all times with the exception of the data you wish to share with other members. UNICEO does not sell, rent o transfer any member information to third parties for any purpose.
Users acknowledge that all content submissions are public. UNICEO disclaims any liability with regard to any actions resulting from user submissions. Further information about privacy policy

All communications in writing should be sent to UNICEO Headquarter: Case Postale 2102 - 1211 . Geneva 1 Switzerland - [Contact us online]=>[]


UNICEO is an international non-profit association structured as a collaborative platform. Its goal is to bring together in a Community of Practice international meeting planners with decision-making responsibilities. UNICEO missions are to encourage the exchange of experiences, knowledge and ideas among members in an environment that enables creative communication, to provide tools for support and assistance in making decisions, create a global trends observatory and pool members’ resources to improve promotion of their interests and support the development of their careers through training opportunities. Becoming a UNICEO member is complimentary and members will not be subject to compulsory membership fees at any time.UNICEO is financed through sponsorship and crowdfunding only. Further information on [collaborate]=>[]

descriptionCompliance UNICEO events are in a “sales free” environment. To finance its activities, UNICEO relies on Partnerships with industry stakeholders. The partner policy is very strict: * Partners do not have access to Members contact details

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